Coffee District is a community-driven coffee events and media organization that focuses on cross-industry and creative collaboration.

Although competitions are what we were founded on, competition is rarely the theme. We aim to create a safe, engaging and welcoming environment to all attendees. We started our organization in Washington D.C. but have branched out and held events in New Orleans, Baltimore, and even Seattle.  

We are one month week from publishing our D.C. Quality Coffee Guide, and will be releasing a series of other proper city guides over the year.

Two of our co-founders is living in Milan, Italy and are organizing our Italian and European network, and are 3 months away from releasing the first Coffee District magazine in Italian. Keep up with them at IG @coffeedistrict.it



We believe coffee should be fun for everyone! All events, city guides, magazines, parties or educational  opportunities, are open to you regardless of your experience in the coffee industry. A community can never grow without including others, so we encourage you to come by to see whats going on in the realm of baristaship.

Coffee District was founded by baristas for all to enjoy!