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Nova Coffee Labs is an experimental coffee project, catering company, and a professional barista collective based in Washington DC.

Cafe Pop-Up Services

Full Service 'Spro Bar

Full Service 'Spro Bar

Nitro Cold Brew Bar

Nitro Cold Brew Bar

Pour Over Bar (POB)

Pour Over Bar (POB)


Nova Coffee Labs caters too! Have a wedding or a themed party? We can customize to your needs!


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Personalized Stamped Cups

Personalize your cups! Our artistic director, Michelle can make a customized design to fit the occasion!

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Customized Party Favors

Have your guests leave the party with super hip party favors!


Special Syrups 

What's that? You want a specialized cocktail of coffee drink for your flavor themed party? We got you. Not only are we baristas, but we are mixologists too!

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